Free debit card gives convenient access to your account

Denali Visa Debit CardThe Denali Visa® Debit Card gives you two financial tools in one. It works like a check and an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) card. Use the card instead of a check for gas, groceries, clothing and more at any merchant that accepts Visa. With the Visa Debit Card, you pay for purchases directly from your Denali checking account. It also gives you 24-hour access to your accounts for balances, transfers, or quick cash at thousands of ATMs anywhere in the world through the Jeanie, and PLUS networks. You'll never carry a checkbook again. Denali never charges a fee for ATM transactions by members using the Denali card.

To report a lost or stolen Denali credit or debit card or to report fraudulent activity, please call 800-764-1123, option 5 or 907-257-7200, option 5.


This free service will notify you whenever certain transactions occur on your debit card. You can customize your alerts to let you know where your money is going. MORE »

Visa Debit Card audio PIN change

  • In the U.S.:  877-265-9594
  • International: 859-488-4130

PINs can also be changed at any Denali branch location or at any Denali ATM.

Are you planning to travel beyond the area where you normally use your Visa Debit Card? You may submit a travel notification online (see instructions). Download a copy of our handy travel tips guide (PDF) for useful travel tips.

Rates and fees (PDF)
Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure (PDF)