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Electronic & Remote Access Services


Denali Alaskan has many services to save you time in taking care of your accounts. They'll make your life easier.


VISA Check Card/ATM: One card and two ways to use it. The Denali Alaskan Visa Check Card works just like a check and an Automatic Teller machine (ATM) card, except it's easier. Use the card instead of a check at any merchant that accepts Visa - for gas, groceries, clothing or other purchases. With the Visa Check Card, you can pay for your purchase directly from your Denali Alaskan account. It also gives you 24-hour access to your accounts for balances, transfers, or quick cash at thousands of ATMs anywhere in the world. You'll never carry a checkbook again. Another great benefit is twenty-four hour access to your account at thousands of automatic teller machines worldwide through the Alaska Option, and PLUS networks. Denali Alaskan never charges a fee for ATM transactions by members, and is part of the Alaska ATM Alliance, giving you no-surcharge use at selected ATMs across Alaska. Apply on-line today!


VISA Card Security for Members


If you lose your Denali Alaskan VISA Credit Card or VISA Check Card, or believe your card has been stolen, please report it to us immediately. If you report a lost or stolen VISA Check Card within two business days you will not be held liable for charges run up on the card. Call (800) 682-6075 24 hours a day to report all lost or stolen VISA cards.

The safety of your VISA cards and your account information are paramount to us. Please let us know if you have any concerns or problems with your cards.

 Verified by VISA: On-line Purchasing Protection



Denali Alaskan introduces “Verified by VISA” a new password protection program developed by VISA to provide added security for your on-line purchases. Once you create your password Verified by VISA protection will prevent unauthorized purchases before they even happen. Your password is linked to your card, not your computer. The verification process will work with all retailers who have joined the Verified by VISA program. The list of retailers, as well as registration of your “Verified by VISA” password, is found here. Verified by VISA will require Microsoft IE 4.01 and above, Netscape Navigator 4.08 and above, or AOL 5x and above.


InTouch 24: Like to balance your check book late at night? Or need to make an account transfer when you're traveling? With InTouch 24 and a push-button phone, you can access your account toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from almost anywhere. For security, account information and transactions are only available with a PIN (Personal Identification Number). To make it easier, you can even choose your own number! Dial InTouch 24 in Anchorage at (907) 257-7224, in Fairbanks at (907) 456-1937, or toll free nationwide at 1 800 764-1123.


800 Toll Free Line: Denali Alaskan has gone nationwide. Contact the credit union using the convenience of our toll free phone line. Dial 1-800-764-1123 then press 9 (during regular business hours) to speak with a telephone services representative.


Loans By Phone: Loan by phone specialists are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Dial (907) 257-RATE (257-7283) or toll free 1-800-764-1123 option 4, and we'll walk you through the loan application process.


Personal Computer Banking: If you have a connection to the Internet, you have a connection to Denali Alaskan. Make transfers between accounts, print statements, check account balances, pay bills, order checks, and more-right from your computer. Your private password assures quick, secure transactions. You'll finish your banking in less time than it takes to find a parking space. Best of all, this service is free!* With Denali Alaskan's Personal Computer Banking, you're only a click away, 24 hours a day.
* There is a monthly charge for the Easy Pay service


E-Statements: Obtain your statements from Denali Alaskan's exclusive Personal Computer Banking program every month.  Rather than waiting for your statement to be mailed to you, you can get your statement delivered electronically; it's quicker, and you may keep up to six months of statements recorded digitally.  E-Statements Election is easy. Here how...


Step 1. Go to www.denalifcu.org, sign in to Personal Computer Banking, and click Denali Direct.
Step 2. Click Yes, I agree and enter your email address. An email will be sent to you with an Activation code.
Step 3. Enter this number and click Activate My Address.
Step 4. Click on E-Statement link and click ok.


That’s all there is to it! You will receive an email once a month with your E-Statement in the convenient Adobe PDF format.


Easy Pay Internet Bill Payments: Denali Alaskan's "Easy Pay" system is the perfect way to pay your monthly bills, because you are in charge of your account.  Instead of letting someone else into your account, you determine when you want your bills paid, and how much to pay. 


Call the Member Contact Center at 257-7200, option 3 in Anchorage, or 800/764-1123, option 3 from anywhere else in Alaska and the Lower 48, and our Call Center staff will guide you through the process.  Then, when you need to pay bills, go on-line anytime to set up payments.


The daily limit on all transaction is 9999.00 and can not be altered.


To enjoy optimal performance, we recommend you use one of the following browsers:

  • Netscape 7.2
  • Netscape 8.0
  • Netscape 8.1
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Service Packs 1 and 2


Payroll Deduction / Direct Deposit: Save time by making your deposits automatically. Use direct deposit for your payroll, Social Security, retirement, Alaska Permanent Fund or IRS refund checks. Direct deposit is free and easy to set up.  Just print this form*, fill it out, attach a deposit slip or void check, and bring it any branch.  It's that simple! Why not start today?


* If you have trouble viewing this form please install Adobe Acrobat Reader.  It's free!


Overdraft Protection: Don't want to worry about how much money is in your checking account on any given day? Take advantage of Denali Alaskan's overdraft protection option. You can choose to have funds transferred from most savings or line of credit accounts.  For complete information on overdraft protection, costs and benefits, please click here.


Automatic Loan Payments: Save time. Make your payments automatically from your Denali Alaskan account. No more monthly checks, envelopes and stamps.






There are many other benefits of your membership at Denali Alaskan. These include:


  • Free Notary Services
  • Free Payroll Deduction
  • Traveler's Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Bank Wire Transfers (domestic & foreign)
  • Western Union Wire Transfers
  • Credit Union Checks
  • Credit Life Insurance
  • Credit Disability Insurance
  • Free Telephone Transfers and Account Inquiries
  • Safe Deposit Boxes (36th Branch/Finacial Center & LaTouche)
  • Drive Up (Anchorage: 36th Branch, LaTouche)
  • Night Depository (Anchorage: LaTouche, Fairbanks, Juneau)
  • Membership Newsletters
  • Partnership Savings with other Alaskan Businesses
  • Member Bulletin Boards


Family members, relatives and others living in your home may also be eligible to join Denali Alaskan. For more information on how to become a member, on services or current rates, call us at (907) 257-7200.