Checking accounts for members 13 to 23 years old

If you are at least 13, Denali. A division of Nuvision Credit Union has a checking account just for you. This basic account doesn’t require direct deposit or have minimum balance requirements. Young Adult Checking gives you the access and convenience you want in your first checking account.

Apply Now Age 18 and older


Others, please call 800-764-1123 or visit a branch

Young Adult Checking requirements

For members 13 to 17 years old
  • Parents or legal guardian required as joint-owner
  • Social Security Number
  • School ID recommended (not required)
  • Government-issued ID (passport) recommended (not required)
  • Must apply in person at a branch
For members 18 years and older
  • State ID
  • School ID recommended (not required)

$30 minimum deposit ($25 deposit in checking account,  $5 deposit for share savings)

Feature or Benefit Young Adult Checking
Earns dividends  
Overdraft protection*  
Reimbursed ATM fees (up to $20 per month)  
Free check orders (up to $25 per order)  
Free instant issue debit card
Custom photo debit card** Yes
Paper statements*** Yes
Overdraft fees for returned items $30 per item
Bounce! protection†  
Free Web and Mobile Banking Yes
Free Online Bill Pay Yes
Free access to CO-OP ATMs and branches Yes
Monthly fee Free
Opening deposit $30 min. ($25 checking, $5 share savings)
* Overdraft protection: Free for Advantage, $7 per transfer for Simple and Opportunity, not available for Young Adult
** Custom Photo Debit Card: One card free for Advantage and Young Adult, $10 for Simple and Opportunity
*** Free for Advantage, $2 per month for Simple, Opportunity and Young Adult
† $30 per item, up to a maximum of four charges per day