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Use Denali and CO-OP Network ATMs for surcharge-free services.

Effective Jan. 1, 2017, Denali will charge a $1.00 transaction fee for all transactions conducted at ATMs not on the Denali and CO-OP ATM networks. 

We’ve built a network of more than 30,000 no-charge ATMs for you in partnership with CO-OP Financial Services – a network larger than any national bank! Take advantage of your membership to obtain no-surcharge access at any of these ATMs. See our Locations Page to find the nearest Denali or CO-OP Network ATM.

ATM fees Q&A

  •  Are all ATM transactions going to be charged a fee?
  • No. Denali ATMs and CO-OP ATM network machines do not charge members a fee, when using your Denali FCU Debit card or ATM card. There are more than 30,000 no-charge ATMs in our combined networks.
  •  What is the fee amount?
  • Denali FCU will be charging $1.00 per transaction conducted at an out-of-network ATM. This fee will show up on your monthly statement. See the chart below for fee information.
  • Why is Denali charging this fee? 
  • Banks outside of Denali FCU’s network and the CO-OP ATM network have been charging Denali FCU each time a member used their ATMs. We have been paying that fee and not passing it along to members for years, but the increasing fees being charged by these financial institutions have led us to this point.
  •  How can I avoid these fees?
  • You can easily avoid this fee by using a Denali FCU ATM or a CO-OP ATM network machine. You can also get cash back at many retailers, at point-of-sale terminals.
  •  How can I find the surcharge-free ATMs?
  • Our ATM Network page shows options for finding the nearest ATM locations.
  •  What types of transactions will incur fees when using the out-of-network ATMs?
  • See the chart below for more information on fees which took effect January 1.

ATM fees

Transaction type Denali ATM CO-OP Network ATM Out of network ATM
Withdrawal None None


Transfer None None $1.00
Balance inquiry None None $1.00
Declined transaction (this may occur if you have insufficient funds or if your request exceeds account limits, etc.) None None $1.00
 Invalid PIN attempt None None $1.00
Look for this logo for no-surcharge convenience and savings. N/A

Please visit your branch or call Denali's Member Contact Center at 257-7200, option 3, or toll-free at 800-764-1123, option 3 for questions regarding transaction fees or locations.