Feb 28, 2020, 10:59 AM by Denali 

Added Advantage

Most bank loyalty programs offer minimal benefits only available to those who can follow the mountain of rules and required actions. All that work can get tiring, especially when it doesn’t get you anywhere.

At Denali, we do things different. To give you the best possible experience, we reward our Added Advantage members for everyday banking activities. No complicated guidelines. No special rules. Just the benefits that help you get ahead.

Real rewards. Real progress.

We’re a credit union that makes things happen. In the community, we work support heroes and hard-workers with our own events like the Veteran’s Day gas card giveaway and by sponsoring other local charity events. For our members, we use Added Advantage to provide benefits that can help you in real life.

Take our yearly Added Advantage giveaways as an example. Each summer and winter, we offer our members a chance to win up to $1000 in a cash giveaway. What did the winners have to do? Nothing, other than make a call.

That’s the power of Added Advantage—concrete benefits that make member’s lives better.  

Savings, Loan, and Mortgage benefits could be yours today.

You’re just one call away from redeeming great benefits for the banking you’re already doing. Added Advantage members get:

  • Exclusive Member Support Line
  • 1 Year of Experian Identity & Fraud Protection
  • Certificate Rate Increases
  • Loan Rate Discounts & Incentives
  • Cashier’s Check Fee Waived
  • Access to bi-annual cash giveaways

Call the Added Advantage hotline at 888-291-9678 for instant access to these and more. We want the best for our members and work hard to make it happen.

Don’t miss out on our next giveaway!

Just ask any of our previous winners—the Added Advantage giveaways are something you won’t want to miss! By signing up now, you’ll be ready when the next one starts in June.

Registering is quick and easy, so don’t put it off. Join today by calling 888-291-9678.