Supporting the ones who fight for our freedom: Denali’s Veterans Day celebrations

Oct 30, 2020, 14:28 PM by Denali 

At Denali, we love our veterans. We love their dedication, their passion, their selflessness, and their willingness to sacrifice. We love how hard they work to keep our country free and safe.

Our team members share this desire to support the military whenever possible. Many of them consistently volunteer hundreds of hours a year in various community programs, some specifically dedicated to the military. In celebration of Veteran’s day, we want to direct our passion for helping the community towards honoring those who have fought and served our nation. 

Be a local hero by helping those in need at our Denali Blood Drive 

On November 10th, our members, staff, and community members will be at the Anchorage Financial Center to donate blood in partnership with the Alaska Blood Bank. 

Blood is essential to many medical procedures. Right now, it’s on short supply with 1 in 7 hospital patients needing donations and only 2% of Alaskans donating annually. The blood our members and staff donate will go a long way towards supporting veterans and others who need it in local facilities.

For members in Alaska cities outside of Anchorage, multiple other regional blood center locations will be open for donations.  

Free meals for senior veterans and active-duty personnel

One of our favorite things to do on Veterans Day is to serve meals to military personnel. Being able to thank them in person and see the gratitude on their faces means everything.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Anchorage Senior Activities Center (ASAC) to host “ASAC Veteran’s Appreciation Month.” This program includes lunch for hundreds of seniors on Veteran’s Day, as well as follow-up meals to those who register for a free meal any time during the month.

We’ll also be distributing pre-packaged meals through AmVets Post 2, a non-profit group dedicated to serving local veterans. For anyone who missed lunch on the day we’re handing it out, our partners at the post will follow up to make special deliveries.

Free gas for veterans to fuel up for their next adventure

Each year, we host a gas giveaway to thank our veterans. This year, our branches in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kenai, Kent, WA and Juneau will distribute gas gift cards to hundreds of military personnel and their families on November 10th. Participating branches include the East Anchorage Walmart, Juneau, Kenai, Kent Financial Center, and Northgate (Fairbanks) locations.

These events are just a few of the ways we support the people who have fought for our freedoms throughout the years. While can never fully thank them for everything they’ve done, we can all choose to honor them in whatever small ways we can.


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