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Social Responsibility Guidelines


Donation Guidelines

Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union supports:

  1. Community and public service
  2. Health- and education-related
  3. Arts and Humanities
  4. Youth and senior citizens
  5. Non-profit groups which fall under the (Select Employer Group (SEG)) listing, and do not fall under any of the categories noted below.

Applicants must be non-profit organizations (and be designated as tax exempt) under Section 501(c)(3). Applicants must show how Denali Alaskan donations will benefit the host community.


Denali Alaskan does not support the following groups/activities:

  1. Individuals or sports teams
  2. Religious activities or organizations
  3. Political organizations or campaigns
  4. Organizations primarily involved in lobbying
  5. Event organizers. Where the majority of the funds are directed to the event rather than the non-profit organization intended to benefit from the event.  In that case, it is better that the non-profit come directly to Denali Alaskan for a donation.
  6. Travel


Applicants may send a request on our “Denali Alaskan Corporate Donation Request Form” form and any appropriate supporting documents.  Credit Union members are encouraged to submit requests, but donation requests are not restricted to members.


Donation Request Form