Send money in a snap

Experience quick money transfers with Popmoney®.

Forget sending a check. With Popmoney®, you can directly send money to any personal bank account within the US. Not only is it fast and easy, but it also allows you to make unlimited payments, for free!

Popmoney® gives you the power to:

  • Send money to anybody who has a US bank account ($10 minimum)
  • See upcoming payments
  • Schedule payments ahead of time
  • Set up scheduled or one-time payments
  • Get text or email alerts when a payment is made or received
  • Make unlimited free payments with delivery in 3 businesses
  • Upgrade to next day payment for $3 each

Popmoney® is super easy to use. All you need to make a transfer is the recipient’s bank account and routing number information, as well as an email or cell number. You’ll be alerted when the payment goes through, and they’ll be notified when the money has been sent.