Alaska credit unions partner to fight hunger in September 

Hunger Action Month logo

Funds raised will support these area agencies:

Anchorage and statewide
Food Bank of Alaska

Kenai Peninsula Food Bank

FNSB Nutrition Services
Meal Debt Program

Glory Hall

Denali. A division of Nuvision Credit Union is partnering with credit unions across Alaska during the month of September for Hunger Action Month. We’re asking members to join us in support of efforts to end hunger in our communities. Cash donations are being accepting through Sept. 30.

Almost 100,000 Alaskans, including one in five children, do not know where their next meal is coming from. Unemployment, stagnant wages and rising costs of living increasingly put Alaskans at risk of hunger, and hunger likely impacts more neighbors than you realize. An interactive graphic at Feeding America shows how our Alaska communities are affected. Your contributions during the month of September can help end hunger.

All donations go to the Food Bank of Alaska and area agencies in support of hunger-fighting efforts. The Food Bank plays a pivotal role in assisting one in seven Alaskans who experience food insecurity.  In 2018, the non-profit Food Bank  partnered with 150 organizations across Alaska to distribute 7.3 million pounds of food and provide 6 million meals. The graphic below explains the Food Bank’s important work.

You can help by making a cash donation at any Denali branch or transferring funds using Online and Mobile Banking during September. Inquire with your branch representative. Contribute $5, $10 or more.

How spare change can change lives:

$5 = 20 meals (24 pounds)  $10 = 40 meals (48 pounds)

Contribute at your local branch or use Online and Mobile Banking (instructions below):

  1. Log in to Online or Mobile Banking
  2. From the left navigation menu select Transactions/Member to Member Transfer
  3. Select the “Single Transfer” option
  4. Use the pulldown menu at “From Account” to choose your account where funds are to be transferred from
  5. Enter the amount you wish to contribute and enter an optional description if desired
  6. Enter recipient account information
    • To Account 704128210100 (12 digits)
    • From the pulldown menu “To Account Type” choose “Savings”
    • In the “First Three Letters of Last Name” type “DEN” (for Denali Food Drive)
    • Submit
  7. Transaction complete
Anti-hunger systems graphic