Make the value of your home to work for you.


Our Home Equity Line of Credit gives you flexible payment terms and the ability to lock in rates.

A HELOC provides homeowners with ready access to cash through a secured, revolving line of credit. Loans are based on a percentage of a home's current market value using the property’s collateral.

Fast facts

  • HELOCs leverage the equity in your home to provide easily accessible credit at a rate lower than most credit cards.
  • The application process is a bit involved; it’s similar in time and expense to closing on a mortgage, BUT
  • Once funded, you can use it, pay it down and re-borrow multiple times, like using a credit card, without the need to re-apply.

How a HELOC works
Once funded, accessing your line of credit is easy and convenient. Using the funds is as simple as transferring from the line of credit to your checking account.

After applying, account documents will provide terms and cost disclosures, including:

  • your requested credit line amount and interest rate;
  • the “draw period,” or the length of time you will have to draw on that amount;
  • the “payback period,” is the time period you will have to repay the principal beyond the draw period.
  • closing costs and fees, as well as an estimate of fees that third parties may charge.

These all depend on factors including the value and condition of your home, your equity in the home, and your ability to repay, as well as current Treasury Bill rates and margins.

When to use a HELOC

  • Essential home repairs/remodeling or emergency home needs
  • Paying for education-related expenses that don’t qualify for federal loans
  • As a tool to help meet unusual or once-in-a-lifetime needs that may require multiple payments


  • Lower interest rates than credit cards or other non-secured credit lines
  • Interest charges may be tax-deductible (ask your tax professional)
  • Flexible borrowing and payment terms position you for successful repayment

Fees/rates and other costs

Rates are based on credit score, lien position, and payback term.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How much money can I borrow?
  • The amount you can be approved for and the interest rate charged will depend on several factors, including: the determined value of your home, the equity in your home, and your ability to repay.
  •  Who may apply for a loan?
  • Any homeowner may apply. Employment status and credit history are considered; if you work for yourself, you will need to provide additional documentation of your income.
  •  How long will I have access to the line of credit?
  • You will have access to this amount for a predetermined length of time known as the “draw period.” This may be up to seven years, depending upon your agreement.
  •  How do I prepare to apply?
  • Call our lending professionals at 800-444-6327 (option 2) to apply.

Call our lending professionals at 800-444-6327 (option 2) to apply.