Check your checks

Denali is seeing an increase in checks from members that contain incorrect routing numbers. Errors on these checks may result in returned checks or delayed transactions. This may affect your payments.

We’ve learned that these erroneous checks have been printed by discount, non-approved check vendors. 

We want to make you aware of this issue, particularly if you use a non-approved check vendor for your checks. We realize these discount check vendors may provide a more economical option to Harland/Clarke, Denali’s approved check printer, but these companies do occasionally print checks which do not meet minimum industry standards or, as in this case, have incorrect information.

Denali is attempting to contact known discount check printers to notify them of these errors, but we cannot control what is printed by these non-approved vendors.

We advise you to review routing numbers on your checks if ordering checks through a discount check vendor. The routing number as shown in the graphic that accompanies this notice indicates where to locate the routing number. The number on the lower left should be 325272047. 

Denali wants to ensure that your payments are processed timely and correctly. We hope this reminder will help you use your checking account without interruption or errors. Please visit your nearest branch or call our Member Contact Center at 907-257-7200 (option 3) or 800-764-1123 if you have checks with incorrect information or have additional questions.