We are excited to announce a new look and feel coming soon to your online banking experience.  Over the past several months, our team has been working behind the scenes to make improvements to our online banking menu layout and, to the look and feel of our online banking platform.  These aesthetic upgrades will improve your navigation and make it consistent with industry best practices. 


The layout of your navigation is moving from being a vertical set of menu items to a horizontal set of menu items.


Old Denali Theme Navigation bar


New Nuvision Alaska Theme Navigation Bar

The New Horizontal Menu

Nuvision Alaska Update Menu


We have also made updates to the color palette and your login screen.


Current Denali Theme Login Page


Login Page New Theme

It’s important to note that there are no changes to your login, accounts , features or functionality. 

Everything that you have access to today, you will continue to have after the design changes take place.  By making these design changes now, we will have the opportunity to provide new feature upgrades in the near future.

Knowing where helpful features exist within online banking can improve your ability to budget, prioritize, and keep track of spending. Learn how to take advantage of the tools available to you.


Online Banking Changes Webinar


Below is a list of specific questions and answers on our online banking system.

What has changed with online banking?   +

First, and most importantly, you are not losing any features (in fact you’ll be getting a few new ones later in the year!)

What will be changing:

  1. The layout of your navigation. It is moving from being a vertical set of menu items to a horizontal set of menu items.
  2. Also, the location of some of your features have moved, so that they are more logically placed and easier to find.
  3. Finally, we have also made updates to the color palette, and we think you’ll like the changes as it makes your online banking experience feel clearer and brighter.
  4. Other than the navigation, the rest of your screens will remain the same.
  5. Finally, a new interactive feature will help to guide you through the changes to your online banking experience.
Why is the online banking layout changing?   +

As part of the brand unification project, we are unifying your online banking experience so that it is the same for all members wherever they are located. This will allow Nuvision to update your online banking experience more easily with new features. 

Are there new features?   +

We are adding an interactive help guide to your online banking experience. This will be available as you are updated to the new look and feel. Initially the new help feature will guide you through the navigation changes. Over time we plan to expand the help guide to cover other areas and features of online banking.   

Beyond the new help feature, with the new look and feel over the course of the remainder or 2021 and 2022 we have several new features planned. We will provide more information about these at a later date. 

What features are being removed? Why?   +

None of your current features are being removed. Everything you currently have will remain. 

When will I see the changes?   +

We are starting to rollout the new look and feel across September and October. By the end of October, everyone will have the new look and feel.

Additionally, more new features are scheduled for December 2021. We will make announcements in our newsletters, emails and on the website.

Do we need to create a new log in or does the current one port over?  +

All logins and passwords are the same as before.  We've given the site a new look, without changing the functions.

What changes will legacy Denali members residing outside of Alaska see?   +

Legacy Denali Members residing outside of Alaska will see Nuvision branding upon logging into Online Banking on their desktop or Q2 mobile app.  There will be no change in the functionality. 

What will be the dollar limitation on mobile deposit?  +

The mobile deposits limits are the same: $8,000 per item, $10,000 per day, and up to $30,000 per month.

When will the Denali app no longer be available?  +

The Denali branded app is no longer available in the App Stores. You may continue to use the app you have.  If you delete the app or change devices, please look for the Nuvision app.

Do I need to update my mobile app?  +

No need to update the mobile app at this time.  Be alert to app notifications coming.  

Are you able to schedule a meeting with the branch in the new app?  +

Yes, the Schedule a Meeting works for all our locations!

Will online banking pay be changing?  +

We kept all the same services as before.  Some links may be under a new menu, so be adventurous and look around!

Will there be downtime when the switch happens?  +

You should experience no downtime associated with the new look and format change.

Who do I report glitches to?  +

Please contact us through Member Contact Center, Secure Messages, or live chat.  Be as specific as possible with time/date, error, device, browser, connection type, page, etc.  The more information, the easier it is for us to target, test, and recreate the error, whenever possible.

Do I need to refresh my browser?  +

Always keep your browser updated to the most recent version.  

Will live chat operators be in Alaska or California?  +

Our Live Chat agents are from our Member Contact Center and located both in Alaska and California, serving all our members since 2019.