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Keep your options open by saying “Yes” to Opt-in.


You’ve got a full cart of groceries and are ready to complete your purchase when you find the check you were depositing into your account is still in your wallet or purse.  Will you be able to buy those groceries, to feed your family? 


You’re out at dinner with friends and family, and put the bill on your check card … when you remember you’ve left your deposit at home.  Will you be able to buy dinner that evening?  Or will your card be announced as “rejected” to your friends and relatives by the restaurant?


Take it easy – you’ve opted in to Overdraft Protection from Denali Alaskan, and the purchase is covered!  


Perhaps you think you’ll never need Overdraft Protection; remember, if you select “yes” for Overdraft Protection you’re keeping your options open just in case you make an innocent mistake in your everyday life.  There is no cost to you if you do not use the Overdraft Protection service from Denali Alaskan for your ATM transactions and one-time check card purchases.


What are the benefits of saying “Yes” on your Opt-In form?
• There’s no cost to you if you don’t use the service.  However, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your ATM transactions and one-time check card purchases are covered when you need the account protection.
• Your purchases will go through when you need it, for mortgage payments, medical bills, buying groceries, eating out, etc.
• Save the possible embarrassment of having your purchase publicly rejected at a retailer or restaurant, particularly in front of family or friends.


If you have a Denali Alaskan VISA check card tied to your checking account, but have not yet opted in to overdraft protection, you can click here to get a copy of the opt-in form, which you’ll need to mail to our Member Contact Center at the address noted below.  Alternately, you can call our Member Contact Center at 257-7200, option 3 (toll-free outside of Anchorage:  1-800-764-1123, option 3) and ask to opt in to overdraft protection for your ATM transactions and one-time check card purchases.  Remember, you can choose to opt out of the program at any time, again, by calling the Contact Center, visiting  your branch or sending a letter requesting an opt-out of overdraft protection.


All mail directed to Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union on this topic should be addressed to:
Member Contact Center – Opt-In Program

Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union

440 E. 36th Avenue

Anchorage, AK  99503


For More Information 

Our strategic partner, HarlandClarke, has developed an on-line course on Overdraft Protection.  This course provides information on overdrafts, money management and the Regulation E Amendment, effective July 1, 2010, as it directly relates to members. It includes animation and a learning game to increase knowledge retention. Topics include:
• What is an Overdraft?
• Causes of Overdrafts
• Overdraft Privilege Overdraft Protection
• Other Overdraft Protection options
• Money Management Tips

This program is presented as part of our Above & Beyond service commitment to help educate you about this important change in the regulations.  The on-line course is available at www.harlandclarke.com/overdraftprotection.