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The Lease is Up--Should You Buy the Car?

Your auto lease gives you a right to buy the vehicle for a fixed price at the end of the lease. But should you? If you have less than three months remaining on a lease, now's the time to decide. So, find your lease and read on.


- Do you like the car? If it's generally performed as you liked with a minimum of unexpected cost and repair, good.

- Will it still fit your needs? If you're driving a two-seater sports car but are expecting quadruplets, you probably need a new car. But if you're driving a van and plan to remain a soccer team mom or dad, your current vehicle still fits the bill.

- What is your lease-end buying price? You'll find the buying figure in your lease's small print. Let's assume $14,000.

- What is your vehicle actually worth? Check Web sites such as Kelley Blue Book (kbb.com) and Edmunds.com Let's assume your highest wholesale value is $15,000.

- How does your vehicle's wholesale value compare with its lease value? You're a winner as long as the amount the dealer offers is more than the amount your lease says you must pay. In our example, your lease says you can buy for $14,000. You've confirmed wholesale value of $15,000. You're buying a car you know and like for $1,000 less than its wholesale value. Buy the car.

- What if wholesale value is less than the lease value? If it's a lot less, don't buy the car. For instance, your lease says you can buy it for $14,000, but its wholesale value is only $11,000. Why pay a $3,000 profit to the leasing company?

- What's the bottom line? If your lease car is a good friend, and you can buy it for no more than $1,000 over wholesale value, that's a smart buy. Your next smart decision is to finance it at Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union.


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