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Local decisions mean you’re treated like a valued partner – and that’s just one way we offer more than you’d expect from a financial institution. Denali's Business Lending Department provides quick, convenient financing to help cover ongoing operating expenses while being a contributing partner in your financial success.

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Work with someone you know, whom you can meet face-to-face and who can become your champion for business development and growth. Some of the services we offer:

  • Vehicle and Equipment Financing – finance new or used vehicles, equipment or machinery at competitive rates.
  • Business Line of Credit – Convenient access to funds which may be used to manage cash flow during seasonal or business fluctuations or to cover ongoing operating expenses.
  • Real Estate – Tap into equity by using commercial real estate as collateral or refinance existing mortgage balances or balloon payments at competitive rates. Borrow funds for special projects, remodeling or expanding business premises.

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Short-term Working Capital

Available for temporary working capital needs such as inventory and accounts receivable. You won’t miss out on special offers and vendor purchase discounts with one of these loans.

  • Unsecured Line-of-Credit
  • Secured Line-of-Credit

Long-term Working Capital

These loan options are ideal for long-term working capital needs such as business growth and expansion projects.

  • Unsecured Business Term Loan
  • Secured Business Term Loan